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Ambidata User Interface

2020 — 2023

The work started being designed in 2020 with icons and new visuals being applied to Ambidata products like LabWay-LIMS and QMSiTech.

Ambidata Group

Ambidata Group is one of the leading Portuguese technology group of companies and has a highly specialized team. They have their offices in Porto and Madrid and started operating in 1999.

The Project

Redesigning all of the user interfaces and analyzing user experience regarding the web version of Ambidata's LabWay-LIMS.

Ambitada User Interface UX/UI

A new and innovative vision

This project kicked off with the ambitious task of crafting a timeless visual application for Ambidata's software icons and developed into an amazing study on how can software impact the work and mental health of the users.

We developed a new vision and a new way of visualization regarding information, buttons and color codes to increase fluidity and decrease the time that is necessary for the user to make a task.

Our results are amazing and the work has been creating and increasing the number of users in Ambidata's Software. 

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