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Web Design: Studio Merge is Now an Official Wix Partner

Studio Merge is a Wix Partner

In the world of web design, Studio Merge stands out as a creative force. With this in mind, we are thrilled to announce that Studio Merge has achieved a significant milestone – we are now an official Wix Partner. This recognition proves our commitment to delivering web design projects that transcend conventional expectations.

Benefits for our clients

The Wix Partner Program equips us with additional support and resources for web design. For example, Studio Merge gains access to exclusive features that help create groundbreaking web designs. This partnership helps us elevate our web design skills, enabling us to craft digital experiences that optimize user engagement.


The Wix Partner Program is based on a platform that works by points. For every website we bring to life, we gain points that unlock progressive rewards. This means that being a Wix Partner is a result of having a lot of businesses trusting us with their website design. You can check out some of our web design projects.

Web design reputation

Becoming a Wix Partner emphasizes the trust vested in Studio Merge by numerous businesses for their website design. This recognition solidifies our commitment to delivering excellence and innovation in every web design project we undertake. Whether to design new visuals or improve user experiences, Studio Merge is a reputable choice for web design services.

Turn your design ideas into reality.

As Studio Merge proudly embraces its role as a Wix Partner, we must thank businesses that have trusted us to design their online presence. This partnership shows our dedication to web design and how we are committed to doing our best.

Feel free to connect with Studio Merge to explore the benefits of our official collaboration with Wix.

Let's turn your ideas into reality.


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