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Studio Merge created posters that helped raise awareness about mental health.

Bicho de 7 Cabeças

It is a project that aims to simplify mental health issues and promote a better understanding 

The Project

Studio Merge teamed up with an amazing illustrator, Beatriz Antunes, to design posters about mental health awareness for Escola Superior de Saúde do Politécnico do Porto

Bicho de 7 Cabeças Poster
Bicho de 7 Cabeças Depressão Poster about Depressão
Bicho de 7 Cabeças Ansiedade Poster

Be aware!

Studio Merge gives mental health top priority. We are proud to be part of the "Bicho de 7 Cabeças" project, which makes mental health issues easier to understand and promotes better awareness for all. Mental health problems have always been - and still are - surrounded by negative stereotypes and taboos, making it hard to tackle them.

"Bicho de Sete Cabeças" is here to change that! It's a project that makes it easy-peasy for people to understand mental health issues and not get freaked out by them. We partnered with the super cool illustrator, Beatriz Antunes, to create some posters for Escola Superior de Saúde do Politécnico do Porto to help raise awareness about mental health issues.

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