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We designed the visual identity and website for Proactive


Proactive is a recent event and human resource company

The Project

This project aimed to create a unified brand identity for Proactive, including their website and social media

New Brands

We were working on a project for Proactive, a new business in HR and events field.

Our job was to create a strong visual identity for them, and we nailed it! We used bright and fun colors that matched their personality and values for their brand image.

We made sure to use the same visual language across their website, social media, and everything else. Their business was growing, so we wanted to make it look youthful and fun. Therefore, we created a 3D design of their logo.

At Studio Merge, we believe that a good website is essential for any business to grow. So, we put all our efforts into creating a fantastic site for Proactive. We made sure it looked great, user-friendly, and matched the rest of their brand's visuals.

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