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labsummit® 2024

2023 — 2024

labsummit® is an event focused on sharing knowledge, establishing partnerships, and driving the advancement of the laboratory industry

Ambidata, ISQ & Relacre

Three companies in a consortium have asked us to design the visual identity for their new project: labsummit

The Project

labsummit® is an event that will connect innovation and knowledge with technology and sustainability, bringing together labs, industry, governance, regulators, and other stakeholders aiming to reach new thinking and creative opportunities.

Studio Merge's LabSummit 2024 Event Promotion Cubes
Tickets mockups for labsummit 2024 visual identity in blue background
Tote bag with labsummit2024 logo for their visual identity
labsummit2024 Billboard: Promoting Event with Cohesive Visual Identity
labsummit2024 Billboard with Directions for Cohesive Visual Identity

Fire. Just fire.

This project kicked off with the ambitious task of crafting a timeless visual identity for an event - labsummit - in the ever-evolving laboratory industry. The goal was to create a strong and lasting brand identity that fits annual conferences for this industry over the years.

Quite a challenge, right? Our strategy was to come up with a flexible pattern that can be recognized across various uses while maintaining the event's identity. So our center strategy was to design a set of four unstatic icons that represent the pillars of the conference - Sustainability, Digitalization, Laboratory Advancements, and Productivity.

In the current phase of this project, we're handling a variety of tasks, from branding and web design to logo creation and social media management.


Stay tuned and watch this project evolve!

Logo brainstorm and creation for labsummit 2024
labsummit2024 Purple Billboard: Promoting Event with Cohesive Visual Identity
labsummit 2024 Billboard: Promoting Event with Cohesive Visual Identity
Logo animation for labsummit visual identity
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