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Mimosa Vem Lanchar


We designed the visual identity for the event "Mimosa Vem Lanchar", a celebration of Mimosa's 50th anniversary  in Doca da Marinha - Lisbon


MIMOSA® is a Portuguese dairy brand with over 40 years of history

Visual identity outdoor

The Project

Designing the visual identity for "Mimosa Vem Lanchar" involved balancing the Mimosa brand recognition with a playful theme for a family-oriented event.

Modern in tradition

This project was about designing the visual identity for "Mimosa Vem Lanchar", a celebration marking Mimosa's 50th anniversary with a massive snack event in Lisbon.

Designing the visual identity for "Mimosa Vem Lanchar" was quite a challenge. Mimosa is a well-known brand in Portuguese households, so we had to work with its brand recognition while infusing fun elements in line with the event. Also, as this celebration was intended for families it was crucial for us to create an identity that effectively communicated with a wide range of individuals.

Our approach involved striking a balance between preserving the core of the Mimosa brand identity and infusing it with a playful vibe that aligned with the event's spirit. To achieve this, we highlight the creation of a special typography using the well-known Mimosa colors, which would be used across all event materials, including billboards, merchandise, tote bags, location signs, and more.

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