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The Reasons Behind Merge Creative Playground in Porto

At Merge, we're all about arts and culture, and during our journey, we always missed a spot where artists could meet and let their creativity run wild and get inspired for their projects. Studio Merge and Merge Magazine are our two main focuses, and we want to build a community around them with a physical spot for people to hang out and chat. That's where the Merge Creative Playground in Porto comes in - we'll tell you everything about what it is, why we created it, and what makes it different from other spots.

A Space for Creativity

Our project aims to create a space for artistic expression that acts as a hub for all creative minds. Porto, being a city that is rich in cultural heritage, is home to many great creators, like designers, painters, and architects. So, it is the perfect backdrop for our Creative Playground. Our goal is to provide a nurturing and celebratory environment for creativity to flourish. We believe in unleashing the power of imagination by offering a space where there are no limitations.

Cultivating a Community

Porto has a vibrant community full of people with a desire to express their minds and create new stuff. This inspired us to build a space that fosters real connections through art. Our Creative Playground aims to be a hub where like-minded individuals can collaborate, share ideas, and contribute to the flourishing creative scene.

Inspiring the Next Generation

One of the main motives is to inspire the next generation of artists and innovators in the city. We started our studio design in Porto as young professionals and we believe in sharing our knowledge through workshops, mentorship programs, and interactive exhibits. Our aim is to ignite young minds and encourage them to explore their creativity freely and express themselves.

Embracing Diversity

Porto's diverse culture inspired us to create a Creative Playground that embraces and celebrates this diversity. At Merge Magazine, we always strive to provide a platform for diverse artists and fields and showcase various projects so that people can discover new things. Therefore, we want our studio design to become a melting pot of ideas, where different design influences come together to create a unique and inclusive environment.

Contributing to Porto's Artistic Landscape

Porto is such a cool city, famous for its amazing buildings and art. And now, we're opening a Creative Playground here. We're hoping to add some new creativity to the city's already awesome art scene. Everyone is welcome here, whether you live in Porto or you're just visiting. If you're into art and you want to help create something new and cool, come and join us!


We're throwing an inauguration party on January 13th. Come hang out with us and enjoy some good music, chat, and beers. It all starts at 4pm at Galerias Mota Galiza – Loja 03.

See you there!

Inauguração Merge Creative Playground Porto


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