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Studio Merge Predicts 7 Design Trends for 2024 🔮

Hold on tight because Studio Merge, your go-to design agency in Porto, is dropping the hottest graphic design trends for 2024. In a world where change is the only constant, Studio Merge predicts a visual revolution that will push designers to break free from the norm.

Here is a sneak peek into what we believe will mark the future of graphic design in 2024.


1.      AI Evolution

AI drama? Not anymore. Studio Merge is forecasting an epic evolution in AI integration with design agencies and professionals. Generative AI exemplifies how technology is catalyzing significant shifts in the design industry, as demonstrated by users creating compelling AI-generated images, such as the viral depiction of the Pope sporting a Balenciaga puffer jacket. Designers are gearing up to throw down some serious collaboration with AI, finding that sweet spot between human creativity and machine wizardry.


2.      3D takes over

Get ready for a 3D design takeover in the upcoming year. As industry-standard tools embrace 3D capabilities, designers are set to unleash animated 3D illustrations using tools like Spline or Blender for next-level visuals. 3D is breaking boundaries, especially in appealing to the younger crowd. From hyper-real textures to quirky characters, Studio Merge expects 3D to dominate studio design works, as you can see on our homepage.


3.      Vibrant Colors

2024 is about to get a color upgrade, and we're not talking pastels! Vibrant colors, amped up by Barbie movie influence, are set to explode onto the design scene. Be prepared for eye-catching graphic designs with intense, contrasting colors that will own social media, posters, and ads.

4.      Pixels are back

Get ready for a blast from the past in 2024 as Pixels make a disruptive comeback! We've been on a retro design journey – from Art Deco to 70s Retro Flat – and now, we're dialing it back to the early web era. Think 8-bit games and ultra-simple, low-res graphics ruling the scene. It's a comeback to the roots, merging today's possibilities with styles that rocked decades ago. The past is now the future!

5.      Maximalism

In 2024, designers are going all-out with their designs. They're using lots of colors, shapes, fonts, and images that go beyond the usual limits. They're even making fonts bigger and using funky shapes and color combos to make things more interesting.

6.      Green Design

Studio Merge thrives to be on top of the eco-conscious design studios in Porto. As Studio Merge has already embraced eco-friendly practices we see designers tackling the challenge of providing sustainable services. Think edible packaging and QR codes – it's all about conveying brand messages sustainably. By adopting such practices, designers are promoting environmentally friendly products, and successfully communicating the message of sustainability to consumers.

7.      Designer-Crafted Products and Tools

Community vibes are strong. Studio Merge is based in Porto and sets its community worldwide. We see a wave of designers creating products and tools for the industry, at Studio Merge we have Merge Magazine. Whether it's online tools, mobile apps, or self-published content, designers are stepping up to drive growth and development in the design community. Is part of Studio Merge DNA to step up and contribute to the collective knowledge and advancement of the design industry.

As design agencies gear up for a year of innovation, these trends are the ultimate roadmap for navigating the wild and ever-evolving world of graphic design.

Don't just keep up – be ahead with Studio Merge.


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