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Case Study Ambidata® | Boost online presence with a cohesive visual identity

Boost online presence with a cohesive visual identity

Ambidata® faced the challenge of translating its essence into visuals that resonated. They needed a logo, color palette, typography, and more to align their brand with their mission and values.

Ambidata interface - new visual identity

At Studio Merge, we embarked on a creative journey with Ambidata®, expanding their visual identity to software, social media and website. From

application to color palettes that resonate, we weave Ambidata's essence

into captivating visuals. We tackled complexity head-on. We transformed

intricate data into clear visuals, ensuring Ambidata's message shines through

effortlessly. Our direct and minimalist design streamlined communication.

Studio Merge helped us enhance our visual "language," effectively conveying complex information in a clear and appealing manner.

The results are notable. Ambidata's professional outlook received a significant boost. Engaging content and images fostered stronger client interactions, driving content sharing and website visits.

Engaging content and images boosted interaction with our clients on social media posts and the website. There was a noticeable increase in content sharing by our clients and a significant rise in visits to the Ambidata® website.


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